Indoor Office Plant Services

Add some life to your office
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Multiple studies have found that plants in the workspace increase both productivity and creativity, while also reducing sick days.

Having plants in your office has (a lot of) benefits

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Increased Productivity
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Reduced Stress Levels
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Increased Focus
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Improved Outlook
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Modern Look & Feel

Let us take care of the plants.

Ongoing Weekly Care

We'll come to your business once a week for watering and maintenance, including replacements as needed. And that’s it — you’ll have beautiful plants that your guests will love, without the hassle.

Free On-Site Consultation

We'll come to your space to talk through what plants could work where, your preferred design, and any other considerations. Then we'll get you a quote.


Once we have all the details sorted, we'll come and install the plants and their pots in your space.


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Our ongoing plant care service includes:

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Weekly Watering

Plants like to be on a schedule, and many have different water preferences. We'll come once a week to give each plant the water it needs.

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Plant Care

We'll keep your plants looking lush by dusting the leaves and tidying up with pruning as needed. We'll keep track of any nutrient, pest, or other needs to keep every plant healthy and happy.

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We'll do our best to keep everything healthy, but if a plant is not looking good, we'll swap it out for a better one at no extra cost.

Get an idea of what we can do:

Floor Plants

Large floor plants make a bigger statement in your space. They can block lines of vision, create space separation, and add an impactful design element into your hotel. We use large, indoor-safe pots that won't damage your floor. We can place larger shrub and tree-form tropical plants that fit your space and light requirements.

Table Plants

Sometimes, you just need to add a little bit of greenery. We can also provide plants in smaller pots or mixed containers for your tables and surfaces. A perfect addition to office desks or the reception area, these little guys can add a homey feel to your space. You can even place a grouping of smaller plants in different sized containers to create a dynamic assortment.