6 Plants for Low-Light Spaces


Let me break the bad news to you: all plants need at least some light to survive — no plant will live a long life in that bathroom with no windows. But the good news is that there are many plants that tolerate lower light conditions than others. 

So when you are trying to fill that dark corner office with some life, you’ll need to select a plant that prefers low light. 

Here are a few of our go-tos:

  1. Snake Plant | Sansevieria 

Sansevieria is number one on our list because it’s one of the toughest plants out there. It is drought tolerant, does well in low light, and typically has less problems with disease. The snake plant is actually related to succulents, so they like to dry out completely between waterings. There are also lots of different varieties of snake plant to choose from. 

Sanseveria Laurentii

  1. ZZ Plant | Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Second up is the ZZ plant. These plants are also very tolerant of low light and drought. In fact, they grow from large, thick rhizomes that look like potatoes. These rhizomes store water, which is why the plant does well with little water. ZZs are a great choice if you are looking for something tough but don’t prefer the look of a snake plant.

ZZ Plant
ZZ Plant

  1. Pothos | Epipremnum aureum

Pothos are trailing vine plants that also do well in low light. These plants are one of the most flexible when it comes to watering and light. Pothos can spill over the sides of a planter, or trail down from a hanging basket. They’ll give a space some real jungle vibes, especially when paired with other plants. 

Marble Queen Pothos

  1. Chinese Evergreen | Aglaonema

Another great choice for low-light areas is the Aglaonema. Their large, lush leaves look impressive even though they are a fairly easy plant to care for indoors. There are also several varieties of Chinese Evergreen that offer different coloring for your space. And bonus, they may send out a bloom or two when they are really happy (although less likely in low light conditions). 

Aglaonema Spring Snow
Aglaonema Spring Snow

  1. Bamboo Palm | Chamaedorea

If you need to add some height in your low-light area, the bamboo palm should be your pick. This low-fuss tropical puts on a good show and doesn’t need too much light to survive. But they do like to be in evenly moist soil (unlike snake and ZZ plants). 

Bamboo Palm

  1. Calathea

These babies had to make our list, even though they are a little more sensitive than the others we’ve mentioned here. They can tolerate lower light conditions (although won’t survive too long with no light). We had to add Calathea to our top picks because of the visual interest and variety of colors their foliage offers. They’ve been a definite rising star in our books. 

Calathea Varieties
Calathea Varieties

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