Choosing the Right Plants for Your Office


Having plants in your office or workspace has so many benefits, like increasing productivity and creativity, improving health, and creating a more inviting space. 

But how do you choose the right plants? 

There are a few different factors you’ll need to keep in mind to select the right ones for your office. 


First up is light. You’ll need to take a look at your space and determine what kind of light it gets during the day, because different plants have different light needs. 

There are generally three questions you’ll want to ask yourself when it comes to lighting:

  1. Is there a nearby window?
  2. What direction is the window facing?
  3. Is there anything blocking light coming in through the window?

High-light areas typically get sunlight for the majority of the day, which means it would be near a south or southwest-facing window. 

Medium-light areas get indirect sunlight for a portion of the day. This may mean your spot is a little further from a window, facing east or west. 

Low-light areas get little light, maybe far from any windows or the area gets part sun from a north-facing window. Low-light spots are pretty common in office settings.

There are plants that can work in just about any light situation. However, if you have an area with no (or very little) natural light, they will need to be replaced more often. Plants do need natural light to survive. 


Just like with light, different plants also have different watering needs. Some, like succulents, are fine going a long time between watering. They actually like their soil drying out completely before getting another drink. Others, like Pathos, prefer to stay in fairly moist soil. 

If you have someone (like us ☺️ ) to keep an eye on your plants weekly, then you can almost make any plant work with watering needs. But if you know you’ll go periods of time without caring for the plants, you’ll need something a little lower maintenance when it comes to watering.

Airflow / Temperature

Something people often overlook when choosing plants for an office is the airflow and temperature. Generally, it’s less of an issue when choosing plants for your home, but offices can be a little different. 

You want to make sure that anywhere you put plants will have consistently warm environments. Indoor plants are tropical, so they don’t like the cold. 

You’ll need to make sure your spot is not too close to a door or drafty area that will open too often, letting cold air in during the winter months. 

Some offices will even shut off the heat over a break or weekend, so make sure your plants are somewhere they will still be warm.


The last consideration, space, is more of an aesthetic choice, but still important in choosing the right plants. 

How much space are you looking to fill with plants?

There are a variety of plant sizes you can use, ranging from short desk plants, to even tall trees. Plants can also be used as a natural visual barrier, and in that case, you’d look for tall, dense plants that can be lined up in long containers. 

There are lots of ways you can use plants to design a space, so it’s really up to you. But we do recommend using a variety of sizes — tall and short, large and small, to fill your space and create visual interest.

It can feel like a lot to consider when choosing office plants. There’s definitely both an art and science behind it.

If you’re in Northwest Arkansas and need any help, let us know. We can come to your office for a free on-site consultation to determine the best plants for your space.

Then we provide weekly care so your plants are always happy, healthy, and beautiful. 

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