Our team of plant care experts will take care of everything.

Our weekly plant service will give you healthy plants (and peace of mind).

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Plant Guarantee
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Expert Care
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Design Consulting
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Peace of Mind
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Friendly Service

Our ongoing plant care includes:

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Weekly Watering

Plants like to be on a schedule, and many have different water preferences. We'll come once a week to give each plant the water it needs.

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Leaf Cleaning

We'll keep your plants looking lush by dusting the leaves and tidying up with pruning as needed.

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Plant Health Care

Sometimes, plants need special attention. We'll keep track of any nutrient, pest, or other needs to keep every plant healthy and happy.

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We'll do our best to keep everything healthy, but if a plant is not looking good, we'll swap it out for a better one at no extra cost.


Creating the right look with plants that will work for your light availability can take an expert eye. Any time you want to add plants to a space, we will come for a free on-site consultation.

Customized Pricing

Our pricing for ongoing plant care varies based on the size of your space, how many plants you'd like to have, and which plants we choose. During our free on-site consultation, we'll walk through your space together to discuss what you're looking for and what's possible. Once we have a plantscape design in mind, we'll send you a quote for installation and ongoing plant care.

How many plants?

Size of your space?

Which plants will work?

Plants for offices

Plants can help you create a space your employees will want to spend time in (or come back to). And bonus, adding plants to your office is proven to reduce sick days and increase productivity.

Our plants live happily in many offices in Northwest Arkansas.

Plants for hospitals & hotels

Make your guests feel more at ease by bringing nature inside. Adding indoor plants to your space adds both a modern design aesthetic and calming effects.

We service plants in several area hostpitals and hotels.

Plants for restaurants

Plants can create a space separator and add natural decor to your restaurant. Plants are more than just trendy, they've become a staple in any modern home — so bring that same modern feeling to your establishment.

We already care for the plants in many local restaurants. Yours should be next.